What is the Stever program?

The Stever program is a partnership between Stevie Jay Broadcasting and local businesses in the Champaign-Urbana area. It’s a chance to spend Stevie Jay’s money and try these great businesses! All you’ll be required to do is register, claim your voucher, use it within seven days and then provide feedback on your experience.


How does it work?


1.) Visit and create your GoStever account at WWW.GOSTEVER.COM

2.) Listen to our four SJ Broadcasting stations (Q96.1, US 105.9, ESPN 93.5, Christian 95.3) throughout the day, for our personalities to announce when one of our partners’ offers becomes available and is ready to claim on the Stever site. 

3.) Quickly log in to your GoStever account once the offer is released, and click on the View All Offers button.

4.) If you’ve logged on fast enough and there are still offers remaining, you can click on the available offer and click Select Offer to claim it.

5.) Once claimed, the offer will appear in your My Offers tab. You will have 7 days from the time the offer was claimed to complete it.

6.) When you are ready to complete the transaction log onto Gostever.com from your cell phone or mobil device and go to your My Offers tab. You will then click on the company offer you wish to use. 

Note: if you click complete on your offer before an employee validates it, the offer is void.

7.) Show the My Offer Detail screen from your cell phone or mobil device to the employee, who will close out the transaction by clicking the Complete button. AGAIN DO NOT CLICK THE COMPLETE BUTTON UNTIL AN EMPLOYEE IS PRESENT AND YOU ARE READY TO PAY FOR AND CLOSE OUT YOUR TRANSACTION.

8.) After the offer has been completed, it will be grayed out and you cannot use that offer again.

9.) Once your transaction is closed out, you will receive an email from admin@gostever.com, prompting you to complete your mandatory survey. 

10.) After your survey is completed, your GoStever account will be reactivated within 24 hours. Note: if you do not complete the survey, your GoStever account will remain deactivated and you will be unable to claim any future offers.
















Good luck, and thanks for participating!


-Stevie Jay